Volume Lash
The volume lash will provide you with a beautiful, false lash look. Because it is a bundle lash, it is not applied individually, rather, placed on top to give your lashes the volume it desires. Available in 3 sizes: short, medium, and long in colors that range from brown to ultra black, these lashes can be tailored to meet the lifestyle of anyone looking for a little glamour. Lasting Time Frame 2-3 weeks.

Mink Lash

Mink lashes are a lovely lash for those looking for a natural extended look. These lashes are ideal for those with a naturally full foundation of lashes, but are in search of extensions that will give them length. They will provide the wearer with lashes that look to be their own, yet accentuate the eyes with beautiful length. Ranging in sizes from 8-15, they can be tailored to give one just the right amount of extension they desire to achieve the look they are looking for. Completely matte in structure, these lashes are the ultimate lash for natural girls who like to keep people guessing on whether their lashes are their own. Lasting Time Frame 2-3 weeks.

Luxury Lash

Luxury lashes are, as the name states, our most luxurious lashes. They are incredibly soft to the touch making them our ideal choice for lash extensions. With a hollow center, they are the lightest in weight, thus making them the best option for someone looking for lashes that feel like their own: comfortable, weightless, and soft. In structure, this lash is flattened at the base making these the perfect lash to provide one with length and volume right at the roots. Known as our most versatile lash, they can provide any style from a very natural lash to a full on dramatic look. Available in countless lengths from 8-15, you can be sure to find lashes that you will love. Simply put, these lashes are incredible for those who not only see value in having long, full, beautiful lashes, but also in a comfortable lash that feels like one’s own. Lasting Time Frame 2-3 weeks.

Standard in Price: 80 pcs per eye
For Additional Volume: 100 pcs | 120 pcs per eye